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beaverpost's Journal

canuck snail mail trading journal
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Have you ever tried to send packages across the border?

Did you feel that the international shipping charges were too much?

Had you ever wished that you could continue to send mail back and forth, but save on the postage?


What we've attempted to start here is a forum for Canadian snail mail addicts to hook up and mail cool stuff to each other. It's fairly easy for people in the united states to find others in the same country to trade with, but to find other canadians is much more difficult.

This is *not* to be an incredibly organized trading system, as is found in communities like package_gang. We will not pair you up with your trading partners - we think that you can organize yourselves. We also won't require you to post detailed contents of your packages, although you are welcome to. If you have a great experience with a certain trader - let us know! Same thing goes if you have a bad experience. Proper etiquette dictates that if you're sent something from somebody, at least send something back.

Can people from outside of Canada join and post here? Of course! Just realize that the point of this community is to bring people within Canada together in a loose network of trading partners.


Mass-mailing events

Every once in a while we will organize specific events.
  • mix tape trades, where everyone who participates makes X number of the same tape to send to X number of people. The other people in the trade do the same. You get X number of different tapes back
  • postcard trades, with a similar system
  • zine trades....

    The possibilities are endless. Everyone will have a choice whether or not to participate, and the numbers of participants for each trade will be limited (so people aren't having to make 20 tapes).

    Since this is an open community, I expect people to participate and suggest their own ideas.