I got mail from chicken_kisses! Thanks for the card! I actually got it the day before I left on holidays. I sent you a letter that I'd had written for a few days but I don't think I put enough postage on it. I'm sending you another one anyway today!
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I just realised something.
I sent out two different pieces of mail today, and totally forgot to put a picture in one of them.
It's not that I have to or anything, but I had planned on it.
One of the letters I wrote on July 8th, and didn't send 'til today.
The other I wrote while waiting for the bus to work.
I won't tell you who I snet them too though.
When you get them will you post?

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Alright.. so I decided to be awesome and try to steal an application from a rating community so I could fill it out and everyone would know about me.. but trying to find intelligent, original questions proved itself too taxing a task for me to undertake. So ima' wingit.

My name is Kaitlin C. Bonin. I live in Victoria, British Columbia.

The 'C' is in the middle there.. because I don't know how to pronounce my middle name. It's not like I'm ethnic or anything, (I'm so white it hurts sometimes..) it's just.. I was supposed to be a Zachary. So my mother, in a epiderral(sp?)-like stupor, made something up off the top of her head for my middle name.

Most people call me Kate or expletive deleted. I'm 17, born 11:59pm on December 3rd, 1987. I just graduated high school with a double dogwood diploma in English and French.

I'm in love.

I play guitar and have since I was 13 and I write my own songs with my friend Elyse. We have yet to make a tape, it should be fun. Sometimes I'm struck with super-powers and I make up sweet-ass-mofo riffs on my 100+ year old piano.

I'm obsessed with making things: I knit (I just finished a bikini top.. YES!), I've bound a few books, I painted my shoes, I have a home-made duct tape bag and tons of other stuff. Maybe I'll open up shop. Maybe not.

I listen to indie, lame 90's summerpop, classic rock and some harder stuff. I have yet to break into the music "scene" in my town, but I have tons of time to do so.

I work at McDonald's. The ordeal of just getting to work everyday is enough to fill up 4.67 pages. I think.

So.. comment here if you want me to write to you and vice vera, or check out my no longer friendsonly journal and comment there.. or something.
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New Address

I still want penpals! Only, i have a new address! I decided "to hell with being a reporter, i'm going back to school!" So I packed up and came back to Saskatchewan two months early. My new email address is:

Tyna Rose
2104 Adelaide St. E
Saskatoon Sk.
S7J 3K3

I would love to write, or exchange post cards.. even small packages. Comment, or just drop something in the mail!

Quick bio - i'm a 23 year old English major who splits her time between Saskatchewan and Nunavut. Telling you more would really ruin the surprise, wouldn't it? ;)

New and proudly Canadian!

Well well...what to, yeah, just joined! Gold star for me! Lol yeah, sorry...I'm not the best at intros...just go check out my info or my journal if you want to see what I'm like. Most of the latter is public, so you won't miss out on much. I'd like to have more of my fellow Canadians to talk to, just cuz...well, Americans are fine, but they just don't get the canuck thing, am I right? I think so. =P

Anyways, that's all for me. Comment if you find me interesting. And don't be alarmed by my pic! lol
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There are strange things done 'neath the midnight sun

Hey! I'm a 23 year old student who splits her time between studying at the UofS in Saskatoon during the Fall/Winter and working as a reporter in Nunavut during the Spring/Summer. I travel a lot, write poetry and have a lot of random adventures with the people i encounter along the way. I'm an avid writer, but i'm not doing so good in the penpal department these days so i'm looking to branch out! I adore snail mail! There's nothing better than getting a letter, and finding a random movie stubs or a poem in the envelope as well. I'm all about surprises!

Interested? Reply here and let me know! Or, just post a letter.

Tyna Rose
P.O. Box 217
Iqaluit, NU
X0A 0H0
Austin // 365 Project New Years

I'm starting a zine

Doodlez Magazine

I'm starting a zine called Doodlez, So...
Send me your doodles your personal notes, poems on napkins, your Socials Homework, and everything in between, pictures, little bits and bobs of any old thing... just make sure it's flat enough to photocopy!

Send all submissions to:

Austin Muir
(If it's a package make sure the name is Alex Muirhead)
#2 - 7275 Old Kamloops Rd.
Vernon, B.C., CANADA
V1H 1X8

If you want your submission back just put a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope with your submission OR a piece of paper with your address in it and a reasonable amount of $$ to cover Shipping back to you.

If you would like a copy of the zine make sure to leave a note in the letter with your e-mail and I will contact you with the price when it's finished!

Website or LJ community is comming soon!

(no subject)

::name:: Amanda
::age/dob/sign:: 18, July 18th 1986, Cancer
::gender:: Female
::Work/school:: Sherkston Shores Resorts/University of Guelph, ON
::location:: Guelph and Port Colborne ON

::main interests:: Music, film, Woody Allen, philosophy.
::Significant Other?:: No
::described as:: Creative, whimsical, romantic, colourful
::Tattoos/Piercings:: red peace sign on back, music not on shoulder, stretched lobes, septum, tongue, labret, monroe

::music:: Opera (esp. Cecilia Bartolli), Jazz (esp. Ella Fitzgerald), Indie/Folk, Rock and Roll, Psychadelic Rock, regular rock...pretty much anything
::books:: Memoirs, philosophy, stuff like the wasp factory, a clockwork orange etc
::movies:: MONTY PYTHON, any film by Woody Allen (my favourite Hannah and Her Sisters), horror movies, cult films (like Ghost World, Rocky Horror) Citizen Kane, A Bout De Souffle, The Cabinet of Dr.Caligari, any French New Wave, the Hannibal movies
::prefer long, medium or short letters?:: Long is swell, but whatever!
::how many pen pals do you want?:: As many as want to write me
::international or local penpals?:: Both
::What sex do you want them to be?:: Either
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