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ooh, fun, penpals!

hi, i'm meaghan and i live in a tiny town in southeastern bc... i'm 26. since i was about 14, i've had probably about a hundred pen pals all over the world. unfortunately, i have lost touch with most of them, and i just recently became interested in having pen pals again! mail = fun. i can't promise long, detailed letters, but i can promise unique and fun postcards and the occasional little package...

i'm interested in laughing, self-sufficient living, guitar, muuuusic, baking (having fun with edible art lately), chickens and animals of all descriptions, anthropology, evolutionary biology, astronomy, spirituality in many forms, love, friends, and other schtuff.

email me for my mailing address! magicmeggie@yahoo.com

Write on! Hee hee.
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