___xscarsx___ (___xscarsx___) wrote in beaverpost,

[x]Name: Tori
[x]Age: 17
[x]Gender: Female
[x]Location: Pa
[x]Contact: comment/email [angel_from_yer_nightmare@hotmail.com]
[x]Interests: Art,computers,drawing,music,decorating,sewing,making bracelets,making stuff,being creative,try to play guitar,reading sometimes,games,traveling,writing,ghost hunting,taking pictures exspeachial black and white creep ones,spirit/ghost pictures.
[x]School/Occupation: last year of homeschooling.
[x]Favortire music: underoath,falling for ashes,korn,brand new,funeral for a friend,system of a down,hauthorne heights,thursday,the used,the starting line,bleeding through,it dies today,atreyu,halifax,finch and more :)
[x]Favorite books: (scary ones!)
[x]How many pen pals would you like?: as many as wants me. haha
[x]Do you have a gender preference?: i don't care :)
[x]Do you have a religious preference?: Nope..

Also i want to add. sometimes my life is so boring i write randomly. and sometimes i can't spell.
but yeah i get really lonely and sad sometimes so please bear with me. thanks
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