I Wanna Be Sally Mann! (missdr230) wrote in beaverpost,
I Wanna Be Sally Mann!

Name: Liz

Sex: Female

Location: Ferndale, WA (just over the border)

My favourite bands/singers are: Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Indigo Girls... but I like almost everything, and am always up for trying new stuff.

My favourite movies are: The Sandlot, The Hours, Almost Famous, Dodgeball.

My favourite TV show is: any of the Law & Orders, Designing Women, Family Guy.

My favourite books/authors are: I devour books of all kinds! Favorites do include Barbara Kingsolver, Madeleine L'engle, Chaim Potok, Richard Powers.

My obsessions: Singing in the car with the windows down and the music up. Cheerwine, sweet tea, red wine, and homemade peach ice cream. Letters from my friends back in NC. Spanish, spoken and written and heard.

About my personality: I think a lot of times people think from the beginning that I'm quiet, but it's totally wrong. I'm funny, and high-energy but low-maintenance. I have to have rhythm - times with my friends have to be tempered by time alone to read or whatever, just to get re-energized.

About my family: Oldest of two kids, from NC.

Are you single?: Yes.

About my friends: All my best friends split up across the country when we graduated college. My bests are in NC, DC, TN... and I'm here in WA.

About my college/job: AmeriCorps, but I'm interested (after this) in working with recent Hispanic immigrants. I learned Spanish in the Dominican Republic so that's my favorite place to go... but we'll see what turns up.

Seeking: To make friends through correspondence, with any age, any country.

Prefer long, medium or short letters?: Who doesn't love long letters? But I'm up for any length - sometimes the best ones are short and sweet.

How many pen pals do you want?: Whoever's interested...

What would you like to trade?: Mixtapes, as soon as I figure out how I'll make some... I just moved out here from NC in a Honda, and only had room to bring my little CD player, not full stereo. Postcards. Anything hilarious. Anything interesting.

International or local penpals?: Both.

Random Fact: I NEVER paint my toenails. What a waste of energy.

Another Random Fact: In NC, I've always been "the girl without a Southern accent"... but I wonder what Washingtonians will think!?

Why I'd make a terrific pen-pal: I think people are interesting and I'm a deep thinker, a good writer. I like to write letters.

You can read a little bit more about me on my LJ user info. If you're interested, email me for my mailing address at lizsmith@alum.salem.edu.
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