September 6th, 2005

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[x]Name: Tori
[x]Age: 17
[x]Gender: Female
[x]Location: Pa
[x]Contact: comment/email []
[x]Interests: Art,computers,drawing,music,decorating,sewing,making bracelets,making stuff,being creative,try to play guitar,reading sometimes,games,traveling,writing,ghost hunting,taking pictures exspeachial black and white creep ones,spirit/ghost pictures.
[x]School/Occupation: last year of homeschooling.
[x]Favortire music: underoath,falling for ashes,korn,brand new,funeral for a friend,system of a down,hauthorne heights,thursday,the used,the starting line,bleeding through,it dies today,atreyu,halifax,finch and more :)
[x]Favorite books: (scary ones!)
[x]How many pen pals would you like?: as many as wants me. haha
[x]Do you have a gender preference?: i don't care :)
[x]Do you have a religious preference?: Nope..

Also i want to add. sometimes my life is so boring i write randomly. and sometimes i can't spell.
but yeah i get really lonely and sad sometimes so please bear with me. thanks

ooh, fun, penpals!

hi, i'm meaghan and i live in a tiny town in southeastern bc... i'm 26. since i was about 14, i've had probably about a hundred pen pals all over the world. unfortunately, i have lost touch with most of them, and i just recently became interested in having pen pals again! mail = fun. i can't promise long, detailed letters, but i can promise unique and fun postcards and the occasional little package...

i'm interested in laughing, self-sufficient living, guitar, muuuusic, baking (having fun with edible art lately), chickens and animals of all descriptions, anthropology, evolutionary biology, astronomy, spirituality in many forms, love, friends, and other schtuff.

email me for my mailing address!

Write on! Hee hee.
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(no subject)

Name: Crystal
Age: 19 almost 20
Gender: Female
Location: Pictou Nova Scotia
Contact: comment or email me at and we can exchange adressess
Interests: computers,music,decorating,sewing,reading,games(big board game freak)
School/Occupation: I currently work at Tim Horton"s
Favorite music: too many to name
Favorite books: anything scary
How many pen pals would you like?: a couple
Do you have a gender preference?: prefer female (cause bf would get jealous) but will chat with men too
Lived anywhere else?: I was born in London Ontario

I attended cosmetology school and failed my exam so i plan on going back and going to take it again very interesting course.I live on my own with my boyfriend in a little apartment. I also have one brother named Harley. and i love cats alot..i currently have 3 living with us and one living with my mom and brother. My family is separated and my father refuses to have anything to do with us (unimportant but there is a funny story behind this all if you wanna know ill tell you sometime) i have tattoos and piercings and i love them and plan on getting more.