arctic_epiphany (arctic_epiphany) wrote in beaverpost,

New Address

I still want penpals! Only, i have a new address! I decided "to hell with being a reporter, i'm going back to school!" So I packed up and came back to Saskatchewan two months early. My new email address is:

Tyna Rose
2104 Adelaide St. E
Saskatoon Sk.
S7J 3K3

I would love to write, or exchange post cards.. even small packages. Comment, or just drop something in the mail!

Quick bio - i'm a 23 year old English major who splits her time between Saskatchewan and Nunavut. Telling you more would really ruin the surprise, wouldn't it? ;)
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thanks for posting the new addy
I will send a postcard soon
I sent something to your old address.
I really liked the envelpope too much to ripp it open and use a new one.



April 23 2008, 18:08:27 UTC 8 years ago


I'm a single girl and I'm 23 years old.I live in senegal in west Africa and I saw your profile and it is so special to me and I thought it would be great to meet someone who is open to anything (as I am!). I would be happy to be friends, lovers or create a serious relationship! We will see what happens!
I hope you will write me back and I will write more info about myself
and send you my photo photo!!!!!!!!!!!.
You can write me through my e-mail address if you know that you are intrested in me,below is my e-mail address,
Ok, I guess it is now your turn. Hope to hear from you today. Bye!!